This is us! D'n.a.d.A

We are family Mele, in italian that means apples.

My name is Désirée and I am the mama of this cute bunch of crazy ones. The beautiful blonde is called nahla, my gorgeous eldest acting too cool for school on this pic  is called anadea and our latest addition - according to Dad, with a great future as professional soccer player ;-) - listens to the name diego.  The handsome Dad is called AngeloAll that explains D'n.a.d.A     It's just us.


With three girls in a household, you will understand that there is a slight passion for fashion!

OK, to be honest, the boys are also fashion victims!


We believe every little personality should shine at his/her brightest and "looking good" is important at any age. We've dreamt about having a boutique for kids' clothes for quite some time and when living abroad a few years ago, we came across a brand that we just knew we would have to bring to Europe. With that and a few other brands we love, we are now starting.

Most importantly, all brands you find in our shop are not available anywhere else in Switzerland - most not even in Europe.

So have your littles stand out in their uniqueness! 


We hope you enjoy it !!!