We bring you Gingersnaps!


Founded 1994, Gingersnaps was born out of deep passion for fashionable children's wear. Fashion is exciting, ever changing, constantly evolving. Trendy, global, fashion-forward – that is what children's wear should be.  

We came across this gorgeous brand whilst living abroad a while ago and already then we knew, we would have to bring it to Switzerland/Europe! We hope you enjoy the current collection. Please note that there is only one piece of each size...First come, first serve. Sizes fit small.

Gingersnaps Camo Shorts with Belt
CHF 29.00 From CHF 14.50
Gingersnaps Denim Dress
CHF 37.00 From CHF 18.50
Gingersnaps Denim Jumpsuit
CHF 39.00 From CHF 19.50
Gingersnaps Denim Shorts
CHF 29.00 From CHF 14.50
Gingersnaps White Shorts
CHF 21.00 From CHF 10.00
Gingersnaps Yellow Fluff Dress
CHF 57.00 From CHF 28.50